2014 Mini Cooper S Review: Bigger really is better

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8:28 had me thinking of Hot Shots 2 when Topper is on the little boat almost buried in his own shells.What's that model on your t-shirt?8l car for 942 for my first year (once moved to a low risk area)with a blackbox, it's critical you enter your driver license number to the quote site's especially for larger engine cars, no idea why.Tons of companies are going to be needing product from overseas.My credit was VERY bad so I used Credit Karma to keep up with my score.Aap kaunsi car use karte hai?Tu video apesta faltaron D Muscule,Two Timer y Nerve Hammer.This is because the staff who do checkin are the ones who will man the podium at the gate.

What motor is in that last car.I bought my car on May 2019 I still can take my car back to fix the loan.The content is great but ur banter is hurendous.One guitar since 17?Not even a question about it.However, I loved it.Have you heard about - Saankramer Vehicle Statement System (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)?I wish i had teacher like him yall lucky.When dollars collaps america use philippines again REDFLAG!The couple who lost their 4 yr old daughter.

Great and very knowledgeable!Sir aap intelligent investor book padhiye stock market is good.It may be that the Leo is the best contemporary MBT.I really want nice car but car payment 400 month and sr22 insurance 415 not worth it.Or better to buy petrol model and CNG out side fittings.Nuuuuuuulos of fake.The market is a scam.Galat information zhut bol raha hai.

Definitely think the government should abolish or reduce insurance premium tax 0% for age groups of 18 - 25-year-olds.Can i get a waiver?Does anyone else who drives think led head lights (i think they are led) are to dazzling?Thank you so much!Pro performance.

This was awful because Paul and Jamie's family were the last to know.Lfirst off i love the hacks you do its how i mess with things haha but i was trying to find this machine to program the batteries and test them etc but i can only find them for iphone batteries and nothing for android phone batteries like samsungso my main question is would this same tester work for other phones beside iphone?" So, in fact, their neural net is not being trained by the massive data set they claim to have.I heard there was a problem with the pistons on these cars and the Corollas which I heard are basically the same car.Park the car in a big london car park and see how many sentury things you get.Needless to say he deleted the video but someone needs to leave him a comment to remind him of how dumb he is.You left one sculpture.

Fantasy Flipping.

Fantasy Flipping.

Sir i want to start mobileapplication atleast i need 2 lakh rupees to start the application How will i get the loan?Most of the comments are 5 years old,but I agree with everyone about the quality of the presentation: this is EXCELLENT!And can i pay back immediately what i just spent.Every car guy has a android and wears simple clothing.So in many instances lenders will lose money, if insurance writes a check to the consumer.In Canada we have VMR, Red Book and Black Book to estimate fair market value.Mene polici bajar pe new india ka insoriyance krvaya 24 dare to abhi koi mail ya whatsup pe sms nahi aaya koi detaile sow nahi kar raha he plzz help me.I'm all for decency on the road but not the first one I saw I'd blame on the truckers!

Don't buy car is the best option I liked.Great video, Ryan, you are a skilled interviewer and Gary was a great guest.BITCH IMMA BE HERE WITH LAMB AND GODDAMN BLINTZES ON MY PLATE!Agar aapki video dekhte we aaspass koi baitha hoga to lagega video koi galiya bak raha hai.Should I wait 6 months or try to build up my credit again?It’s been a while for that Duster, any progress?

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They mention two different types of elevators, cable lift and hydraulic ram. But elevator in my home is a vacuum tube elevator. Works pretty good!1:18:18 Of course we restore from backups at a regular interval. Not only that, we perform catastrophic powerloss to initiate automatic datacenter failovers. This is just the way IT does business!There were several old(er) Otis elevators I used in DC where you pushed the door close button and the floor you wanted to go to and theelevator would bypass all other calls for that elevator until it reached your floor. I used this all the time and as far as I know, it's still working!

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Sir Bick enginee no ka insurance hota hai

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i"m buy a car in PA. Doc fees are 389 and there is another fee which said nothing and it's 399. I didn't buy the car yet

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Love these reviews! Super professional and helpful.


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Id really love it if youtube would stop translating English texts for videos INCLUDING TITLES into Dutch automatically. Its condescending, unnecessary and any sufficiently subtle text looks stupid because of bad translation. As a result I didnt watch this for a LONG time, even when it was recommended a bunch of times and I would have missed something.Im sorry, Im usually a nice person, but this really irks me.Great subject, great treatment.

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Love it!Shits on the boring bad drivers!Love the coppers!


i looked at my liability insurancebody injury: 25,000 each person, 50,000 each occurrenceproperty damage: 100,000 each occurenceso i should change those numbers to 250,000 and 500,000, yes?and leave the property damage as is.



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Please, I don't understand the set configuration in 4:27 HOW I know I should configure it someway or other. I didn't comprehend why. I think period is attached for year period. Please if you can explain to me. Thank you so much since now!

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