2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA - 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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Paul Moore

Also I like those quick lube places that offer 1999 oil change when you asked about the $20 oil change your vehicle takes a special kind of oil so it's going to cost you more are your vehicle takes more oil than another vehicle so it cost you more LOL

Om Thakur

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The question should be: How many Tesla channels will remain when the referral program ends?


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Lovely, a return to a bygone era never to be really seen again! It's like Concorde gathering dust in Museums all over the world, sad.

Dj Morales

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J Wew

this is whatI dont understand. prices are higher, yet lease prices are way down?

Donald Bridgeman

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Why is there barely anything to clean from these airfryers?? Mine (similar to GoWise unit) doesn’t come out this clean after usage. Lots of grease to get rid of! I’m grateful it got the grease out, but I wouldn’t want all that to down the drain. A pain to clean.

Yhoanna Gutierrez

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sai krishna

Why banks dont do this conversion automatically with out collecting the charges. Also very low interest offered to new customers. Is it legal? .....BTW thanks for the video. very nice.

Shivaraj Goud

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Alex V-i-P

Single handedly this man put the hole in ozone layer and made species extinct with all the chemicals he uses and this is just 1 car


What a master fucking piece! Smart, witty, funny. When thinking I was playing GTA 3 as a kid (although a kid is not supposed to play that game). The progress is amazing

Cal McD

My first car at 17 was a 2002 1.6 vtec civic (eu8) 5 door, had 110bhp, 0-60 in 10.1 secs. Cost me 1200 to buy, 1900 to insure. Only thing that needed doing in 4 years was an O2 sensor. Great car


jesus my boy looks stoned as hell his back must hurt as hell might be sleepy from smoking a ton who knows, come on atleast hit 30mph your stitting at around 20-25dont know why but at 19:33 you gave him good approach and observations but he isnt in his lane hes in the middle


Dear Scotty, I’m lookin for a a sporty daily driver for around 10k. I’ve considered a 2012-14 mustang, and 2010-13 camaro, and a 2013 Scion FR-S. I’ve heard about timing chains in the gm 3.6 and am leaning toward the Toyota with a manual.What are your thoughts and recommendations. Love your honesty and watch every video.


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