2013 Infiniti JX NAVIKS Video Integration Interface Kivic One + iPhone 5

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In few years,

In few years,

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The way this guy explains things

The way this guy explains things

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How come german cars built in Europe are bulletproof but the ones built in the US are utter garbage?

Parv Tomar

I hv an issue. What is the basic difference between home loan insurance and home insurance... As u told in video...

Julian Curmi

Fucking Aussie as

Wolf Predator

I have been buying cars for years and I have never gotten as fuged over as I did with my previous car.I was buying it used and at the time it seemed like a great deal...boy was I wrong.I started noticing issues with the car and it's factory warranty just ran out.I had no choice but to trade...when I did I put as much money down as I could at the time $2000 but still had to roll more negative equity into my new one.Needless to say, I owe about $6000 more than my year and half car is worth.First time in my life I have been that upside down in a car.It's...not a good feeling honestly but I am just going to keep paying on it till I can trade it without negative equity.

Stacey Strukel

Who are these people?! Driving around in cars you CANT afford! Unbelievable. Why would someone take advise from you as a counselor? You cant run your own life.

Vikram Singh

Scorpio sle mhowk gadhi Haa tho call Kara nA bai 350000tak 9844219376 vs

Babu Gurung

Absolutely right...

C.R Brown

This idiot didn't even take the "Motor" apart! What he took apartwas the electronics, and them the transmission with "red" oil, otherwise known as transmission fluid DAH! All those ity bity gears and bearings he kept going on about were tiny, check out a real machine some time dude et! Oh ya, if you ever get around to taking the motor apart, please put it up for people who wanted to see one but were disappointed can finally see what they paid for dude et!

Rotten Sushi

"he not fighting static he fighting cancer" BRUH lmao

Vaughn Hill

Its not in bad condition as far as i can tell by on the video body wise


Rent ka problem hai ke house owner ko chahiye toh kabhibhi aapko vacate karne bol sakta hai.

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Master... Level... Build... what more can you say? Wow... and props on the Queensryche T-shirt.. part of the soundtrack of my late teens/ early 20's, back in the day. Subbed !!

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This shit is going on allover the country but because the insurance companies run Washington

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Entae friend Tata Nexon edukan udheshikunnund....plse help...plse give ur number...

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User ID kya Hoti h


Really?A 40 minute commercial?

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Karl Marx wrote some shit with his tiny prick once.It cost the lives of hundreds of millions of innocent people.


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