1973 Dodge Challenger - The One Day Exterior Detail - Chemical Guys

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" Speer listened to Ley's presentation and made

" Speer listened to Ley's presentation and made

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Seems like Wish would be losing money when

Seems like Wish would be losing money when

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Paise ki dikkat nahi h.

Paise ki dikkat nahi h.

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He’s going on about the first aid kit. He’s obviously never seen a wreck on the Autobahn.

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190 PS = 188 BHP


Nice explain


Any further info on that lightly damaged Model 3 that was mentioned?

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Well explained, please make videos available in English, so that this knowledge will be shared to the most of the people

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Good evening, very interesting information, sadly I do not live in the USA , however although I had never been in a accident, (not with anyone else involved)last March was when I was hit by a vehicle from behind, and as I was bearing right out onto a roundabout with both hands on the steering wheel, a car hit me from behind, immediately my head and back and neck felt the most pain, so did my arm, but my head and neck and back for me were more important. My insurance company whom I called after swapping details of insurance companies etc, I expected my company to be sending me straight away to a medical company or hospital but no, I had to use the Social Security Drs here, when I went to see them of course they sent me for X-rays neck back etc gave me injection and medication, however I could hardly brush my hair or my teeth, and the pain in my lower right arm, has continued now nearly one year on...The car assessor that assessed the damage to my vehicle said that although damage was caused (and fixed and a courtesy vehicle provided for 3/4 days) my injuries were not caused by me being hit from behind...I said surely angles weight etc of the person driving has to be taken into account, ?.My insurance company basically said I was lying, Which I DO NOT DO for anyone or anything ever...I chose eventually because of being advised by friends to take my case to a personal injuries claim company, well one year on, I shall finally get to see a Rehabilitation Dr who apparently will assess my right lower arm injuries, but I have had to wait one whole year (March the. 21st traffic accident, March 10th specialist) , I asked my insurance company why they would allow me to still be awaiting to be seen by social security Drs, when the system is so broken ..They said not our issue, the car assessor said basically I am lying about my neck back lower right arm issues...I said after few months my neck and back pains went away, but my right lower arm has never been the same...Why would even your own insurance company think I would lie..I can understand the other drivers company maybe not believing someone but your own...Well I wonder what can be diagnosed one whole year later? Watch this space..But for sure share this video, for any car drivers, BEFORE THEY ARE INVOLVED in any RTA.


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ery good video, well explained.I also learned this from mypete222 (Tubalcane) another really good chinned is Keith Rucker at vintage machinery.Keep up the good videos