Maturity money diba naa.Our insurance is okay paying our medical bills.You just KNOW something bad is gonna happen, but ya just cant look away.Pleaseeeee get the black headlights.I worked for a Chrysler dealership back in 1980 that sold Fiat and Lancia.Not back tail light good as compare new.

I used to think Norm

I used to think Norm

What blue is that?Hello, I have a confusion.Dave is a credit counselor.I’m not at fault but since she doesn’t have insurance and I’m making a claim (for total loss on my car, and for needed medical bills) but my insurance will likely go up since they have to recover from somewhere.For the most part, "highway" vs "city" miles will not apply to hybrid vehicles.Pretty disappointed Rob.

Big balloon payment at the end.Just lightly tap it with a Qtip.Jack is correct in saying a horse has more than one horse power.Hi, You make knowledgeable videos.Can u put more light on sunroof, pros n cons.I had a smart roadster for my first car not the brabus but the regular coupe one.And Sowell is the man!

So if I ask you to do

So if I ask you to do

Super and what a technique.I remembered buying a Ti-84 calculator during high school.Good effort bro.And also zestmoney updated my cibil report as a default account.The other channel,That guy is good.Theyareallthelosersbackingaloser.Rose tinted glasses no matter what the issues may be.

On top of all that, the state government forces you to buy insurance from private companies by making insurance a MUST HAVE to drive, but not offering any kind of affordable public insurance.Don’t get me wrong the phone calls are insightful.If the 10 year treasury rate is falling, how can we continue to sale government bonds and thus continue to print money?Was watching this in bed next to my wife.Ive always wanted a turbo r.

Gail Albers

a social democrat - in GermNy he would be considered a centrist- social democracy had given Germany, holland , Denmark , scandinavia such a high standard of living... for the average working stiff ! if we can get that right people here would be much happier. we are at an important historic junction and for me Sanders is the only sane choice right now regarding: social as well asenvironmental justice.

Don Harris

Why would you truncate at 48 months? Who is buying a new car every 4 years. At 48 months, leasing is automatically the winner. The only benefit to buying a car comes after you are done repaying the loan, while a leaser is still paying monthly payments, but that will never happen every 48 months.

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insurance ng motor ko, 8 months n wala p rin hanggang ngaun ung piyesa, ,,july 2018 p q0 naakcdente,,mga paasa ....patulong nmn po...

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The $25,000 car does not go for $460 unless you negotiate bird,A normal lease payment for $25,000 is around $250 including the taxes if you negotiate well and investigate the deals for certain vehicles

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The rich - RepublicanThe poor - DemocratGrateful - RepublicanAngry - Democrat Productive - RepublicanWasteful - Democrat

Muhammad Akber

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Nak tanyalaa kepada yg pakar kereta .macam Mana nak tahu meter mileage sesebuah kereta tu betul atau dah ditukar


They left out the best one, AG machine.

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Sure those buffing marks can be polished out but why does a new car have so many swirls in the paint?

Rajibkumarparta Rajibkumarpatra

rajib kumar patra

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Term Insurance me rider benefits add krate hai to riderspremium paying term tak active rehte aur mai limited paying term leta hu to kese mai Policy term tak riders ka benifit le sakta hu.


I have heard this many times.

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Banks =white collar wise guysIn deep sub would it be better to put the customer in a BHPH deal. Look for a solid down and put a GPS in it. Rather then do the dance on recourse and games with numbers?Hey mr customer. I can’t get you with a bank where you want to be.But we can do you in-house ? Great content btw. Thank you


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