100% Original Japan Vanzo Car Air Freshener A005 2

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You are amazing sir.What the heck am I watching to?Good explanation.I thought major credit cards covered damage to rental cars?Which it probably is going too.I also own impreza Spec C.Sir loan section ho jane k bad kitne dino tk hm loan amnt nhi le to loan cancel nhi hoga.

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Yeah she or

Yeah she or

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upload video of dzire driving on bad roads to know ground clearance

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Thanks my man! Great stuff!!! Helped me out for sure. Great info!

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Please compare the same with facelift nexon... I think now Nexon feels a better vfm now? What do you feel

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Teach me debt and taxes??

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Mantap ya mobilnya jangan lupa subscribe

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Wow, that's scary. :(

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Good explanation keep it up

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Hello sir, I live in the Bay as well.. did you do a Heloc , or just paid as you get lumpsum chunks monthly?


Thank you sir. Your videos are perfect.


Very Good bro

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There is no stage of David's that I don't find appealing

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oh well - another four years of trump.

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Vasay sb you're looking so very beautiful

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I've always thought the Nigerian Prince reference was funny when I'd hear it. Yet, I wonder why no Nigerian Prince preference was so prevalent, though no tragedies like predatory mortgage lending, Enron or Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, had one Nigerian...lol.



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Japani carry jaludi sel ho jatihayaBolan crray

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Comes with it's own Costco rear seat coolers, don't understand why they didn't sell more.

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SAME HERE Bought a Chevy cobaltat double its worth! From carmax. With Fargo as the loan. 2010, with 74k miles. Engine blew ar 82k miles. I threatened carmax. They rebuilt it for free. Then trans is slipping at 135k miles. I still owe 3700. Car is worth 1600..Scammers!


Sir claim kitne dino me milta hai

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1 crore mai kitnaamiliga interist