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Sir ji" ZERODHA HAS MANY COMPLAINTS ON MOUTHSHUT".What best moments, there aren't any?Even reading all these overwhelmingly positive comments is a pleasure.Take to long to get to the point.Please sir ye bataye na insurance ke profit kya kya hai, insurance kew important hai.Its totally not worth it.Electric cars are great and I'm sure in 20 years most of us will have them, but within a decade they won't be a cheap no brainer to run!  I don't understand that.

The country is filled with

The country is filled with

You are making up for what you didn’t make with Uber with your YouTube paycheck.So the nearest public faster charging station is in the local pub.Can imagine myself drawing the whole thing consequently, line by line.So they artificially keep it lower.Thanks for the encouragement, tools, and words of sheer wisdom.Thanks forur information.Btaya Karachi sy.THANK you so much.Yet his grandfather was a multimillionaire when he died years ago.

Half a dozen eggs is

Half a dozen eggs is

And I'm not wasting my time going to your dealership, selecting a car and test driving it before you give me numbers.About to get rid of my truck 2018 truck, only lost about 1500 bucks of depreciation on it 2 years.Super bro thanks."BECKY YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME".Soon as u do Experian says the high balance on your mortgage is to high.Another win for diversity for the sake of it.This was by far, the best explanation I've seen of hash tables and functions.Kya mujhe insurance Lena chahiye?Now here comes stupid women in her silver car who wasn’t even involved in the situation in the first place so had she just waited at the lights like everyone else In the long queue as seen at the end of the video then everything would have returned to normal within minutes but no she had to get involved, hurle abuse and threats of reporting while blocking the road causing a blockage and congestion.

Too much info just tell

Too much info just tell

Ano b yan ate d mo alam ano yan yabangan Lang.He looks like bunnyfufuu.Dono hi type ke loan defaults me koi legal punishment bhi hai kya?Hi, I got a use car from win Chevrolet and I took in back for some repair that it needed a week later.Bob is priceless fantastic comedian best show ever.Incase of using induction motor, use DC motor, so no need of inverter: give your suggestions.

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Learning driving license chalega ka?

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This is the only Ted talk I've watched 20 times!


I can't see why a drive thru would count. Surely it is on private land at that point? Would this also mean if I had my car on and warming up and I have my phone in my hand using it before leaving the driveway, that is still grounds to be caught and have points on my licence? Personally I never use my phone whilst driving, but I do use it whilst in drive thru situations and do not see the issue. I also used to have my stereo tied to an iPad with my music library on it. Was using that whilst driving considered the same thing? Does that mean touch screen controlled cars like Teslas would be unusable on UK roads? So many grey areas.

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bmw drift crash bateu

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6:57 the guy smoke weed?


"Pull over dickhead" fucken gold!


I have the blue cash everyday card, and I pay it off immediately after I use it for groceries, etc. I just got $20 cash back in a gift card so my girlfriend and I went out for dinner on Amex..... if your responsible it'll help you.

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6:10 from the book " Principles " By ray dalio


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Couldn't buy TSLA :( so I bought F :)) they have 8.33% dividend

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Electric cars are still not feasible for the average Americans. whether it is 2017 or 2020.


Thank you for indeed the best Excel tutorial ever!

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I love dave, but I it's annoying when he sometimes acts like he knows what.people will make in their particular specialty for their location

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"She wouldn't give me a parking space and keyed my car...so I STOLE HER GORRAM CAR!"

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What's considered a bad interest rate?


X3 a money pit ? Guess I must be extremely lucky. I bought a new 2005 one and have put about 220,000 miles on it. It has cost me about 2000 bucks in unforeseen maintenance over the last 15 years. Still drives like a panzer tearing through Poland.